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Aspera fasp* Big Data Tech for Ultra-High-Speed Data Transfer

Aspera fasp* Big Data Tech for Ultra-High-Speed Data Transfer

One major challenge in high-performance cloud computing is being able to move big data in and out of the backend data center. While high-performance servers and hardware are already deployable inside the data center, and WAN bandwidth can be provisioned beyond multi-Gbps, existing transport technology cannot fully utilize the end...-to-end capacity provided by the underlying hardware platform, particularly over a wide area.

Aspera develops high-speed data transfer technologies that provide speed, efficiency, and bandwidth control over any file size, transfer distance, network condition, and storage location (for example, on premise or cloud). Aspera’s patented fasp* transport technology is designed and implemented to have no theoretical throughput limit. Maximum transfer speeds are limited only by the available network bandwidth and the hardware resources at both ends of the transfer. Aspera’s distance-neutral transfer performance means users can expect to achieve the same transfer performance over the WAN as they do over the LAN.

Phase II of the Aspera-Intel investigation focused on an experimental integration with Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (Intel® DPDK), which made it possible to directly control the network interface controller (NIC), thereby bypassing the kernel net-working stack. This integration allowed Aspera to overcome the packet processing bottleneck for single-stream transfers, minimizing CPU, memory, and I/O bottlenecks.

Read the full Aspera fasp* Big Data Tech for Ultra-High-Speed Data Transfer White Paper.

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