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Secure Routers and Switches

Innovative solutions save time, reduce costs, and protect against threats

Intel recognizes the growing threat of malware and other targeted attacks on the enterprise. To give telecom and service providers a competitive edge, Intel offers a range of dynamic security technologies to protect against the ever-changing nature of network security threats. Intel hardware and software platform protection technologies encompass cryptography, compression, pattern matching, and high performance packet processing.

Advanced security technologies

Advanced security technologies, such as those included in Intel® QuickAssist Technology, accelerate IPSec, SSL, compression, and deep packet inspection either through hardware or software optimization. Intel® Trusted Execution Technology encodes security directly within the hardware to create an advanced line of defense against software-based attacks.

Intel security solutions run on all Intel platforms, scaling from the cost-effective Intel® Atom™ processor to the high-performance Intel® Xeon® processor.

Evolutionary routing and switching solutions

Thanks to Intel innovations, routing and network services that once necessitated their own hardware architectures can now coexist on a single instruction-set architecture. This consolidation facilitates a single software code base that easily scales up the full range of product families and across multiple architecture generations, taking advantage of the performance improvements offered by Intel’s tick-tock model. 

Reuse and interoperability help lower TCO

Telecom and service providers alike can appreciate the time- and cost-saving advantages of product reuse and interoperability—reduced software development costs, lower operating and/or capital expenditures with the extension of existing PC and workstation applications codes, and faster time-to-market and competitive advantage for new systems and services.

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