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Noledge: User Experience to the Next Level with Touch-Enabled Technology

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Noledge takes advantage of Windows* 8 on touch-enabled Ultrabook™ convertibles powered by Intel®Core™ vPro™ processors to improve its offering to business users Noledge provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to streamline the management and deployment of sales resources. Customers rely on its Sales Resource Management (SRM) tools for up-to-date access to sales and marketing materials when meeting with clients and prospects. To accompany the launch of Windows 8, Noledge has upgraded its offering to support a new generation of Intel-based, touch-enabled devices that offer compatibility with existing enterprise IT resources. By harnessing the new features these devices offer, Noledge has enhanced the user experience and positioned itself to take advantage of the arrival of touch-enabled technology in the enterprise.