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Ultrabook™ Helps Fight Poverty, One Child at a Time

Did you know 24,000 children die each day from lack of food and clean water or from preventable diseases? Intel partnered with ChildFund to build a technology solution to help more of them thrive and become productive adults.

Women using Ultrabook™

Photo courtesy of ChildFund International

Intel and ChildFund International

Some 413 million children around the world live in extreme poverty, and 24,000 of them die each day from lack of food and clean water or from preventable diseases. NGO ChildFund International matches deprived children with sponsors who help provide the food, education, and healthcare kids need to thrive. Now Intel is helping ChildFund serve more children more effectively.

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Intel provided funding, loaner PCs, and application expertise to help ChildFund create a technology solution to more efficiently collect data about the children they serve and use it to drive programming. Through the solution, which leverages experience Intel gained as a partner on the Great Lakes Cassava Initiative, ChildFund field workers use Ultrabook™ systems to input data about a child’s well-being while making home visits. The data is uploaded to a central database that is accessible to ChildFund staff members around the world, who can quickly analyze the information, look for trends, and tailor programs and services to address the specific needs in each region. The solution enables field workers to spend more time with kids, because they don’t have to go to an office to input data. They can also capture photos and images of children’s handwritten letters and transfer them to sponsors in minutes—a process that used to take weeks.

The platform was originally designed with netbooks in mind, but ChildFund switched to Ultrabook systems when they were introduced. “They are rugged and affordable,” says Ron Wolfe, ChildFund Senior Business Systems Analyst. “They boot up fast, the battery life is better, and the screen is bigger—which is good for the dense forms that our field workers need to fill out.”

Intel and ChildFund ran successful pilots of the solution in Dominica, Zambia, and Brazil. Wolfe expects the solution will fundamentally change the way ChildFund does business. He says, “ChildFund will conservatively become at least 20 percent more efficient and will reduce administrative costs by approximately 15 percent. As these savings are extended to over 300,000 child sponsorships, the benefit increases dramatically and can be applied to programming for the children.”


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