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2008 Intel Corporate Responsibility Report

Intel has provided public reports on our environmental, health, and safety (EHS) performance since 1994, and we have produced a Corporate Responsibility Report annually since 2001.With the Intel 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report, we aim to provide stakeholders with a balanced view of our corporate responsibility strategy and performance for Intel’s worldwide operations during fiscal year 2008 (ended December 27, 2008). Our previous report was published in May 2008. We prepared this report using the Global Reporting Initiative* (GRI) G3 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and self-declare the report to GRI Application Level B. A GRI Content Index is provided at the end of the report. Additional information about Intel’s operations and financial statements is available in our 2008 Annual Report and Form 10-K. We produce our Corporate Responsibility Report in Portable Document Format (PDF). A printed executive summary of the report is available by request. Our sites around the world also translate and customize the content of the executive summary for local stakeholders. For a high-level overview of corporate responsibility, supporting documents, and past reports, visit our Corporate Responsibility Report web site. The Corporate Responsibility Report does not include performance information for Intel’s joint ventures or firms included in Intel Capital’s investment portfolio, unless specified. This year’s report does not reflect any significant changes in reporting scope compared to our previous report, with the exception of two divestitures in early 2008 and a change in our reporting method for our greenhouse gas emissions (see the Environment section of this report). Principles and policies apply to all officers and employees of Intel and its subsidiaries, unless otherwise noted. EHS data includes widely accepted parameters and units. We use the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol to calculate our GHG emissions. Financial data is presented in U.S. dollars.

Read the full 2008 Intel Corporate Responsibility Report.

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