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Open Your Tomorrow

Lebanon's education transformation program

In announcing the large-scale education reform program, Open Your Tomorrow, Lebanon has joined a visionary group. Open Your Tomorrow is an innovative initiative driven by the Minister of Telecommunications in collaboration with the Minister of Education and implemented by local solution provider, Triple C.

The initiative will create a disruptive environment for successful education transformation across Lebanon. Students will gain access to the quality education they deserve while all the citizens of Lebanon benefit from the economic opportunities generated by the effort.

Program, per the office of the Minister of Telecommunications 

  • Phase 1: The plan is to have 15,000 tablets available for students ages 6-18 (outside the schools), through the mobile operators Alfa and Touch at a subsidized fee. An additional 1,500 tablets to be given for free to public schools students in grade 10 as part of their pilot for integrating classroom technology.
  • Tablets to control access of content and sites and to monitor trends related to applications and content. Tablets will have a 3G data package and high quality educational and entertainment content for free.
  • Phase 2: The ministry is optimistic to fulfill an estimated demand of 400,000 tablets in the first year.

Academic Benefits

  • Providing Lebanese students access to world class tools and content
  • Preparing students to be global citizens and compete in the global market
  • Enabling creativity and collaboration, keys to 21st century skill development


Transforming Communities

  • Local ecosystem: products are assembled and distributed locally
  • Promoting a national agenda around the social and economic well being of an entire country
  • Economic development via accessibility: trade opportunities, job growth, GDP growth
  • Technology investment to meet national goals


The Ministry of Telecom is enabling a local ecosystem to deliver the required education transformation and ensure a sustainable model. As the program owner, the Ministry has a clear mandate to use innovative technologies and solutions to drive key social and economic values to the Lebanese citizens and change at the root of society. The program:

  • Transforms teachers' mind-set
  • Equips schools with integrated tablets and safe internet access
  • Enables students with high quality content and technology to teach them 21st century skills 
  • Establishes a parallel industry related to digital content and mobile app development.

Key partners include:

Two girls pictured in a tablet

Innovative Technology

Purpose-built tablets for education

The program supplies Lebanese students with purpose-built 3G tablets pre-loaded with academic content and robust security at affordable prices.

Additional benefits include:

  • Integrated Intel® Education Software stack
  • 2-year broadband connectivity that allows parental supervision, web filtering, and Internet security
  • Investment and partnership with Kno, a leading content provider
  • Integrated cloud security, manageability, and content access framework
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Intel® Education Solutions

  • Flexible, open architecture products to enable easy classroom integration
  • Pre-loaded suite of software applications 
  • An ecosystem of hardware, software, content, and infrastructure to deliver local solutions
  • Professional development for teachers

Intel brings the expertise, technology, and robust ecosystems that provide the foundation for educators and governments to transform education. 

We can help by providing expertise and value through an open, flexible, secure architecture in education technology deployments. Talk with an Intel expert or download the solutions brochure.

Lebanon's Program

A model in the region

  • Transforms policy to transform the country
  • Strong public private partnership investing in student's future
  • Provides students with purpose-built 3G tablets
  • Supports software ecosystem and entrepreneurship opportunities


  • Access to world class tools and content
  • Preparing students for global citizenship
  • Enabling creativity and collaboration

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