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When The Going Gets Tough, classmate PC Keeps Going

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When the Going Gets Tough, classmate PC Keeps Going

Facing the world’s toughest deserts, ultra-marathon runners with RacingThePlanet* could not find a laptop that could keep up – until they found an Intel-powered classmate PC.

RacingThePlanet manages regular endurance competitions including the 4Deserts*, a series of grueling, self-supported 250-kilometer foot races through four of the world’s most extreme deserts, and Beyond-RacingThePlanet, a similar annual race that moves to a new country each year.

The extreme weather of the races, and the need for portability, required a lightweight laptop capable of withstanding punishing environmental conditions.

Originally designed to withstand the rigors of heavy student use, classmate PCs survived heavy usage during week-long races through some of the world’s coldest, driest, hottest, and windiest deserts – all of which had proved too harsh for normal laptops.

Supported by satellite communications and power generators at each campsite, competitors now have regular Internet access – allowing them to email friends and family, blog about their experiences, and access information sources while camped in what is literally the middle of nowhere.

Next steps:
Classmate PCs have become standard issue for the race organizers, who are exploring new ways to use their capabilities to enhance the race experience for competitors as well as the millions of people following the races from around the world.

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