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Arch Rock Energy Optimizer* in Action: Commercial Building

Business Perspective
Corporate sustainability policies associated with national and regional regulations and mandates are accelerating the adoption of green building practices in commercial, industrial or institutional contexts. However, the implementation of these energy saving principles and practices has been hampered by a lack of fine-grained information that allows facility managers to efficiently manage their energy bills without impacting the productivity or necessitating prohibitive and invasive installation steps. The critical factors influencing the cost of energy consumption are captured by utility billing mechanisms that include incentives and rebates, on the one hand, and penalties and prohibitive rates, on the other. Today, facilities and IT managers are keen to continuously benchmark, calibrate and visualize the energy consumption and environmental behavior of their buildings, if given a chance to do so while not jeopardizing the existing stability of their facilities and while not incurring invasive and costly instrumentation steps as would be the case with wired and AC-power dependent devices.
Facilities or IT managers responsible for sustainability and green policies can quickly evaluate the business benefits they can generate from an energy efficiency program, by using Arch Rock’s Energy Optimizer* (AREO) solution. They can quickly and easily deploy the Arch Rock IP-based wireless sensing and sub-metering solution that provides fine-grained visibility and continuous energy monitoring through an energy visibility portal.

Read the full Arch Rock Energy Optimizer* in Action: Commercial Building Report: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/energy/energy-arch-rock-areo-commercial-building-paper.html

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