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NC-SI Overview and Performance

Network Controller Sideband Interface Overview and Performance

This document provides a brief introduction to the DMTF (www.dmtf.org) Network Controller Sideband Interface (NC-SI) In management interface. The primary reason for the overview is to provide background information for the main purpose of this document—discussion of the interface’s performance and some important considerations a Management Controller (MC) designer can use to achieve the best performance over this interface.

The primary components discussed in this paper are:
• DMTF Defined Network Component Sideband Interface (NC-SI): The physical connection and protocol layer used to allow connectivity between a Management Controller (MC) and a Network Controller (NC).

• Management Controller (MC): A specialized microcontroller embedded on the motherboard of a computer that monitors and manages the system. Another name is Baseboard Management Controller (BMC). MC and BMC are used interchangeably throughout this document.

• Network Controller (NC): The Ethernet Controller utilizing the NC-SI interface to provide network connectivity to the MC.

• Remote Management Console: A computer running software designed to communicate with a MC over a network interface.

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