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Secure Cloud for Healthcare Data

Intel works with customers, partners, alliances, and standards bodies to produce scalable, secure cloud solutions based on today’s enterprise IT requirements.

  • Protecting sensitive health information in transit, at rest, and in use with hardware-assisted security
  • Improving mission-critical information availability with reliability and serviceability features
  • Controlling costs with balanced, “scale-out” solutions based on Intel compute, networking, and storage capabilities


Cloud-based medical imaging solutions for rapid, remote, image accessibility, and improved healthcare.

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CareAlign Exchange* Secures Healthcare Data

Informatics Corporation of America’s CareAlign Exchange* improves patient care and reduces healthcare big data costs, quickly sharing patient information and secure analytics across an Intel®-based server framework.

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Atlantic Health System Harnesses Data Growth

Atlantic Health System uses EMC Data Domain* and Avamar Data Store* with Intel® Xeon® processors for backup efficiency and data center reduction.

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Secure Cloud for Medical Imaging

Leveraging Intel® Xeon® processors for secure cloud storage.

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