Intel ESS Oklahoma Innovation Institute Case Study

Driving Innovation and Job Growth with High Performance Computing

Oklahoma Innovation Institute builds a high performance computing (HPC) cluster with Intel® Xeon® processors to foster economic development in Tulsa.

The Oklahoma Innovation Institute is a not-for-profit organization created to boost economic development in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, region. Supported by pri...vate-sector, government, and philanthropic partnerships, the Institute fosters collaborative research, entrepreneurship, and creative, future-oriented thinking that can lead to new business opportunities and job creation. Its first initiative is the Tandy Supercomputing Center, a community-oriented supercomputing center that serves the private, public, and academic sectors.

The Institute wanted to provide high-performance computing resources to academic researchers and business users to facilitate new research and spur economic development. The HPC resources would serve the “missing middle” who might have had difficulty gaining timely access to HPC resources and local IT support. In particular, a larger, shared supercomputing center could help enhance research at the University of Tulsa, the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa, and Oklahoma State University in Tulsa, while expanding teaching and training at Tulsa Community College. Together, these four academic institutions form Tulsa Research Partners, one of the Institute’s cornerstone programs.

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