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Packet Processing on Intel® Architecture

Consolidate workloads. Boost performance. Reduce total cost of ownership


With Intel® processors, it's possible to transition from using discrete architectures per major workload (application, control, packet, and signal processing) to a single architecture that consolidates the workloads into a more scalable and simplified solution. As a result, developers may be able to eliminate special-purpose hardware such as network processors (NPUs), co-processors, application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

This is possible, in large part, due to the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (Intel® DPDK), a set of software libraries that can improve packet processing performance by up to ten times. As a result, it’s possible to achieve over 80 Mpps throughput on a single Intel® Xeon® processor and double that with a dual-processor configuration1. Read the product brief >

This solution is ideal for telecom wireless infrastructure evolved packet core (EPC) applications and other network elements. Packet processing while executing other workloads on an Intel processor reduces hardware costs, simplifies the application development environment, and reduces time to market. The Intel DPDK is also playing a critical role in software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). Read more >

Another way to cut system costs is to do away with various add-on acceleration modules. Instead, use the acceleration modules that are already on Intel processor-based platforms with Intel® QuickAssist Technology and the Intel DPDK.

Examples of Ecosystem Vendors Using the Intel DPDK

6WIND provides packet processing software. Learn more about their solution >

Calsoft Labs provides virtual network function development, NFV orchestration, systems integration, and operations support services. Learn more about their solution >

Tieto is a research and development consultancy company with a strong background in packet processing. Learn more about their solution >

Wind River offers a portfolio of network acceleration solutions. Learn more about their solution >

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A one-day technical event that brings together the DPDK open source community for technical presentations and dialogue.

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1. Performans testleri ve derecelendirmeler özel bilgisayar sistemleri ve/veya parçalarıyla ölçülür ve bu ölçümler sonucunda Intel® ürünlerinin yaklaşık performansı elde edilir. Sistemin donanım ya da yazılım tasarımında ya da yapılandırılmasındaki herhangi bir farklılık gerçek performansı etkileyebilir. Alıcılar almayı düşündükleri sistem ya da bileşenlerin performansını değerlendirmek için diğer bilgi kaynaklarına başvurmalıdır. Performans testleri ve Intel ürünlerinin performansı ile ilgili daha fazla bilgi için Intel Performans Karşılaştırma Sınırlandırmalarını ziyaret edin.