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Intel® Embedded Design Center

Program benefits and frequently asked questions

The Intel® Embedded Design Center (Intel® EDC) provides qualified developers direct access to Intel technical content, tools, design support, and community resources in a comprehensive online format. lf you have an Intel® Software Network account or an Intel® Business Link account, your Intel EDC account allows you to log on once and move seamlessly between these sites.

Privileged User Benefits

  • Confidential Intel design documents
  • Confidential Intel training
  • Online design support
  • Embedded hardware test tool loan program
  • Community collaboration
  • Discount codes
  • Special offers

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Basic User Benefits

  • Community collaboration
  • Discount codes
  • Special offers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Platforms and content

1. Why does the Intel® Embedded web site include some Intel® embedded platforms and not others?

This site supports leading embedded platforms based on Intel's latest technology. These platforms are selected on the basis of performance per watt, low power, reduced thermals, and system-on-a-chip (SOC) integration. Selected platforms included validated combinations of processors and chipsets that are supported by available application reference designs, software and development tools (including loaner tools), and training.

Platforms are added as new Intel® embedded processors and chipsets are launched and as new collateral, documentation, tools, and software become available.

2. What does the lock symbol mean?

Intel confidential information (indicated by a lock symbol) may only be disclosed to third parties with a valid corporate non-disclosure agreement (CNDA). Access to locked content on the Intel® Embedded Design Center (Intel® EDC) is available to users with Privileged accounts.


1. Why should I register?

Registration is the key to obtaining the benefits of the Intel EDC, including sharing information with the Intel® Embedded Community.

2. What is the difference between the two user levels, Basic and Privileged?

Intel EDC Basic users have access to public content and can share ideas, insights, and collaborate with members of the Intel Embedded Community. Join now.

Intel EDC Privileged users have the benefits of a Basic account along with access to Intel confidential content, including schematic layout files, online design support, and free loan of test tools.

3. What is the registration process?

To register as a Basic user, complete the online registration form and accept the terms and conditions. Access is granted instantly.

To apply for Privileged user access, complete the online registration form with your company information and accept the terms and conditions. A standard corporate non-disclosure agreement (CNDA) may need to be established between your company and Intel if one does not currently exist.

4. How do I qualify for Privileged user status?

To qualify for a Privileged account, a standard corporate non-disclosure agreement (CNDA) needs to exist between your company and Intel. Your request will be reviewed by the Intel EDC registration administrator and the Intel representative in your area. Please submit your request using a company email address, not a personal email domain.

5. Can I access other Intel sites with my Intel® EDC login?

This Intel® Embedded web site shares single sign on capabilities with other Intel web sites such as Intel® Software Network and Intel® Business Link. Each site has specific registration requirements that must be completed once, and users must use the same email address while registering with each site. A user who is logged on to another Intel site can move to the Intel® Embedded web site and be logged on to their existing account without entering separate login credentials. Registered users of this Intel® Embedded web site can log on to their account and access other Intel sites without entering separate login credentials.