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Simple, Effective Solutions for Retailers

Discover secure, flexible Intel® solutions for retailers that help connect your organization’s channels and systems for an experience customers love.

Getting Started with Big Data Analytics in Retail

Solution Blueprint: How Living Naturally uses big data to boost retail sales and learn patterns, reduce inventory costs, and identify opportunities.

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Transforming the End-to-End Customer Experience

Solution Brief: Analyze data for store-based insight to engage customers from end to end, identify trends, and improve sales, inventory management.

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Internet of Things Sensors Add Intelligence to Trucks

Real-time data produced by hundreds of sensors on commercial trucks is used to manage what is happening on the vehicle at any given time.

Intel® Data Center Manager | Solution Library

Intel® DCM is helping organizations worldwide to manage, monitor, control, and scale data center power usage.

Intel® Graphics Teknolojisi—Iris™ Graphics ve Intel® HD Graphics

Intel® Graphics Teknolojileri, entegre Iris® Graphics ve Intel® HD Graphics ile grafik kartına ihtiyaç duymadan yeni deneyimler için zengin görseller sunuyor.

Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve* 12.5 Meets Intel® Iris™ Graphics

Listen as one of Intel's Silicon Architects talks about working with Blackmagic engineers to solve issues with DaVinci Resolve and Intel® Iris™ GPUs.

Bir HPC Veri Merkezi Uzmanı ile ortak olun

Bir Intel® Teknoloji Sağlayıcısı HPC Veri Merkezi Uzmanı ile iletişime geçin

Eco-Friendly, Engaging SAVORTEX Transforms the IoT

Case Study: The energy-efficient SAVORTEX AdDryer* hand dryer uses Intel® Dual Band Wireless-N 7260 network adapters to engage customers with the IoT.

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Nesnelerin İnterneti (IoT) Intel® Teknolojisiyle Başlar

Intel® IoT Platformunun ve IoT için Intel® Ağ Geçidi Çözümleri gibi diğer çözümlerin Nesnelerin İnterneti'nde neler vaat ettiğini keşfedin.