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Intel® RAID Controller RS3SC008

Straight on view of Intel® RAID Controller RS3SC008

Intel® RAID Controller RS3SC008

Side, tipped 45-degree-angle view of RS3SC008

Intel® RAID Controllers

Intel® RAID products offer outstanding performance with new RAID-on-Chip technology, native PCI Express* architecture, and high-speed cache.

Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS25JB Family

Low-cost SAS-2 with mirroring, striping, and JBOD mode for select Intel® Server Boards and Systems.

Intel® I/O Expansion Modules

Intel® I/O Expansion Modules are custom form factor I/O expansion cards that connect directly to the motherboard through a PCI Express* interface.

Intel® RAID Controllers RS3DC080 and RS3DC040: Product Brief

Brief: Intel® RAID Controllers RS3DC080 and RS3DC040 features, benefits, and specs provide performance and scalability for server environments.

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Intel® RAID SSD Cache Controller RCS25ZB040: Brief

Product Brief: Offering Flash*-based cache with RAID-on-Chip, the Intel® RAID SSD Cache Controller RCS25ZB040 boosts throughput and data protection.

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Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS25CB and RMT3CB Family: Brief

Brief: Intel® Integrated RAID Modules RMS25CB and RMT3CB offer flexibility, data protection, and serviceability to select Intel® server boards.

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Intel®Integrated Server RAID Module RMS2AF Family

The Intel® Integrated Server RAID Module RMS2AF family with LSI’s MegaRAID* entry technology to offer data protection configuration flexibility.