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Renewable Energy Power from Offshore Wind Turbines

Video shows how Intel meets the global challenge for wind energy's reliable remote technology, maximizing availability and minimizing cost.

Intel Computing in Unexpected Places

Advertisement discusses where and how the public interacts with Intel products. Examples from various industries are given.

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Energy-Efficient Technology from Intel

Intel transforms energy-efficient technology into a fundamental aspect of its development.

Making Energy Personal

Solution Brief covers the home energy dashboard with Intel® technologies, connecting consumers to energy management utilities.

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Unify Device Management, Cyber Security in the Connected Hospital

Solution Brief: Intel, Symantec*, and Emerson Network Power* make Connected Hospital, unifying remote management and security to healthcare platforms.

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Respondesign's MayaFit Digital Fitness Trainer*

MayaFit is the world's first digital fitness trainer, delivering the benefits of a personal trainer to every person in a fitness center.