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Embedded Intel® Celeron® Desktop Processors for Low-Power Designs

Product features and technical documents provide information for embedded Intel® Celeron® desktop processors, including user guides and datasheets.

World Population Aging Challenges and Innovations

World Health Organization panel, including Intel Board of Director’s Jane Shaw, discusses cultural and economic shifts happening as populations age.

How Cloud Computing Can Help Solve Healthcare’s IT Crisis

White Paper: Intel’s and Terremark’s collaborative solutions help CareCloud offer scalable cloud-computing solutions for practice management.

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Healthcare Security: User Experience, Compliance, and Risk

Solution Brief: Implementing a proactive, preventive approach to privacy and security includes technology and administrative and physical controls.

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Global Imperative to Redesign the Nucleus of Care

Information technology (IT) is correctly recognized as a building block for coordinated care. But an even more important factor is teamwork.

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Virtualization Fundamentals and Impact on Business

Illustrates virtualization fundamentals, impact on embedded markets, industry factors, server/data and embedded model comparisons, and usage samples.

Wireless Infrastructure Network Virtualization and Manageability

Demos how virtualization and manageability improve wireless infrastructure network efficiency with architecture consolidation; Portuguese subtitles.

Increase Throughput with Network Coding

Describes how to increase throughput with network coding, which allows an intermediate router to encode an outgoing packet.

Intel® Processors for Communications: Datasheet, Vol. 1

Datasheet, Vol. 1: Specifications for four Intel® processors for communications infrastructure, including electrical. (v.1, May 2012)

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Create Flexible Embedded Development Platforms

White Paper: Choose the correct version of virtualization components, creating flexible embedded development platforms. (v.001, Oct. 2010)

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