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Mobile Intel® Atom Processor N270 Single Core: Datasheet

The Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 (code named Mobile Diamondville) is built on 45-nanometer process technology—the first generation of low-power IA-32 micro-architecture specially designed for Netbook’08 Platform. In this platform, the processor supports Intel® 945GSE chipset with the I/O Controller Hub—Intel 82801GBM.

Note: Throughout this document, the Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 is referred as processor.

Major Features

The following list provides some of the key features on this processor:

• New single-core processor for mobile devices
• On-die, primary 32-KB instructions cache and 24-KB write-back data cache
• 533-MHz source-synchronous front side bus (FSB)
• 2-Threads support
• On-die 512-KB, 8-way L2 cache
• Support for IA 32-bit architecture
• Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions-2 and -3 (Intel® SSE2 and Intel® SE3) support and Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extension 3 (SSSE3) support
• Micro-FCBGA8 packaging technologies
• Thermal management support via Intel® Thermal Monitor 1 and Intel Thermal Monitor 2
• FSB Lane Reversal for flexible routing
• Supports C0/C1(e)/C2(e)/C4(e)
• L2 Dynamic Cache Sizing
• Advanced power management features including Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology
• Execute Disable Bit support for enhanced security

Read the full Mobile Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 Single Core Datasheet.