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Network Devices: Performance

Take processing power higher without a performance penalty

Network Devices: Performance

With more devices, mobile users, and bandwidth-intensive business applications on the horizon, rising service levels will demand next-generation processors to help keep IT ahead of network capacity requirements. The Intel® processor family delivers unprecedented performance-per-watt—each execution core in an Intel® multi-core processor requires lower input voltage, yet delivers greater performance than previous processor generations.

To help networks handle more traffic without increasing power consumption or physical space, there are Intel processors for every level of service and every network need:

  • Intel® Xeon® processors: Provide greater control of energy consumption by adjusting system power consumption in real time with automated energy efficiency features
  • Intel® CoreTM i5 processors: Deliver the necessary processing horsepower to process multiple network workloads, such as routing updates
  • Intel® Core i7TM processors: Perform high-value functions like traffic engineering and performance analysis