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solution brief Intel® Xeon® Processor Scale-out Storage

Gain a Business Advantage with Scale-Out Storage Intel® architecture-based solutions provide energy-efficient performance, data protection, and scalability for tomorrow’s data centers Executive Summary You are probably well aware of the challenges facing data centers today. A full 17 percent of IT 1 and power and cooling costs represent as much as 40 percent of budgets are devoted to storage, operational expenses. And that’s just today. Corporate data is expected to increase by 650 percent 2 in just five years, from 2009 to 2015. To keep pace with the data growth problem, as well as increasing access demands, it may be tempting to continue “scaling up” by adding storage capacity. But doing so perpetuates storage silos and drives up operating costs. The solution instead must come from scale-out storage, in which a more intelligent and agile storage architecture improves the way data is stored, moved, protected, and accessed. This new architecture can create a dynamic, flexible environment that supports data growth at a lower overall cost and provides secure, anytime access to data from anywhere in the world. The bottom line: The world needs storage, and it needs it in new ways. Intel® architec- ture-based storage solutions can support scale-out storage solutions that address your immediate need for efficiency and prepare you to meet tomorrow’s chal- lenges. Intel® Xeon® processors can help by providing more energy-efficient storage performance, delivering added data protection, and enabling new usage models and greater scalability. The move to scale-out storage Data centers have traditionally relied on independent silos of compute, storage, and multiple networks, but numerous chal- lenges have arisen. Server virtualization technologies have placed new demands on storage environments and data protection processes, which has led to performance bottlenecks. Storage sprawl is another problem, which is occurring as additional storage systems are deployed to meet demands for more capacity and performance. To address these issues, businesses need to move to a new, more intelligent scale-out storage architecture that takes full advantage of the compute power available today. This dynamically balanced infrastructure can address the perfor- mance, availability, and protection issues faced by today’s data centers—and provide the flexibility to expand storage resources as demands increase and change over time. For example, to stop storage sprawl and optimize your storage investment, you can enable storage virtualization over a unified 10 GbE network that provides access to pooled storage capacity and performance across your data center, while reducing capital expenditures. As another example, companies that currently underutilize their deployed capacity can implement intel- ligent optimization capabilities such as data de-duplication, thin provisioning, and automated storage tiering to greatly increase the efficiency of their existing storage. These are just a few examples of the benefits available from scale-out enter- prise storage, which provides the storage that enterprises need now, and enables new usage models such as cloud comput- ing that prepare you to meet tomorrow’s data center needs. Advantages of Intel® architecture- based storage solutions Intel architecture-based storage solutions enable the energy-efficient performance, added data protection, and Read the full solution brief Intel® Xeon® Processor Scale-out Storage.

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