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Intel® Datacenter Manager Portfolio

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Intel® DCM: Energy Director  |  Intel® DCM: Virtual KVM Gateway

Comprehensive Datacenter Management Toolset

Intel® Datacenter Manager (Intel® DCM) Portfolio provides critical management capabilities for today’s datacenters. With the Intel DCM Portfolio, IT and facility managers have the tools to improve manageability, increase availability, and reduce costs across key parameters, such as energy usage, monitoring, security, automation, and cloud.

Intel® Datacenter Manager Portfolio

In an era of rapid datacenter evolution, Intel DCM Portfolio helps you control and optimize your infrastructure, business models, and operational expenditures. Portfolio software products include:

Intel® DCM: Energy Director (formerly Intel® Data Center Manager): This power management solution stack for the datacenter provides accurate, real-time power and thermal monitoring and management. More >

Watch the Intel® DCM: Energy Director demo >

Intel® DCM: Virtual KVM Gateway and SDK: A cross-platform virtual KVM used for diagnosing and troubleshooting datacenter hardware. More >

Intel® Datacenter Manager Portfolio


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