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Intel Standards and Initiatives

Collaborating with global industry leaders to establish and maintain high levels of standards and initiatives

Our world is powered by ever-evolving technology, while the global infrastructure relies on stability and consistent interoperability between devices. That’s why standards-based innovation is so crucial. Intel collaborates with global industry leaders to pioneer technological advances that both establish and maintain the highest level of standards and initiatives.

Standards and Industry Groups

Intel participates in the development of global standards and designs them into our products. We’re working with more than 250 standards and industry groups worldwide to help facilitate the growth and expansion of the industry as a whole.

Computing and consumer electronics standards >

Intel is involved in the development and implementation of standards that are positively impacting computing and consumer electronics platforms.

Silicon and semiconductor standards >

Working with key industry silicon and semiconductor organizations worldwide, Intel helps ensure standards-based technological advancements.

Software and Web standards >

Intel participates in developing software and Web standards that are helping to secure internet operations and the adoption of open standards.

Networking and communications standards >

Intel is helping to accelerate the convergence of communications and networking devices by driving the development and broad adoption of numerous industry standards.

National and international standards committees >

Intel actively participates in key industry organizations and formal standards organizations around the world to further expand the value of standards-based advances in technology.

High-definition audio specification >

Intel has defined high-quality audio implementations for PCs and continues to refine and update specifications based on input from licensed contributors.


From broadband wireless delivery to industry-standard specifications, Intel initiatives offer the right solutions at the right time.

Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) >

Universal Serial Bus (USB) >

Intel® Developer Network for PCI Express* Architecture >

Serial ATA >

Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface Specification >

Case Studies

802.11n and Wireless LAN >

Intel is working with standards leaders on ratifying 802.11n, a new, faster version of the 802.11 standard.

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Standards Development

Find out how Intel has worked for over 30 years to help define industry standards.

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Executive Interviews

Two Intel executives take on a Q&A to discuss how standards play a key role in the computing, communications, and consumer electronics industries.

Justin Rattner on the Link Between Standards and Innovation

Justin Rattner, Intel Senior Fellow, Vice President, Director, Corporate Technology Group and Chief Technology Officer, presents the link between standards and innovation.

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Craig Barrett on the Importance of Global Standards

Intel's former Chairman of the Board and retired CEO, Craig Barrett, discusses the importance of global technology standards and how they can benefit the industry and consumers.

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