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Veri Merkezi İçin Intel’in İlk 144 Katmanlı QLC 3D NAND SSD’si

Why QLC NAND Technology Is Ready for Mainstream Use

In the data center Intel's QLC 3D NAND SSDs provide the low latency performance needed for common, read-heavy workloads – all while reducing operational costs.

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Extending Intel NAND Leadership

Jonmichael Hands, Intel Sr. Strategic Planner & Product Manager, walks you through the Intel® SSD P5510 and Intel® SSD P5316. The 144-layer data center products accelerate cloud storage workloads and optimize warm storage.


QLC NAND Overview

Kanıtlanmış Teknoloji

Pranav Kalavade, Intel Fellow, NAND Memory Component Division, covers the Intel® QLC 3D NAND SSDs Technical Truths and Future Innovations.

QLC NAND Roadmap

Industry Leadership

Built on a proven, industry-leading technology, 144-L QLC SSDs deliver disruptive possibilities to warm storage.

EDSFF Form Factor

En Uygun Cihaz

Built with Purpose, Designed for Performance: Intel® Data Center SSDs based on EDSFF.

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