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Intel Costa Rica’s campus is located in the province of Heredia just north of the country’s capital, and hosts a state of the art Research and Development Center and a Global Services Center that provide critical services and solutions for the entire corporation.

Investing in Costa Rica

Since 1997, Intel’s presence in Costa Rica has supported the growth of the country and catalyzed Foreign Direct Investment. More than 2000 employees design, prototype, test, and validate integrated circuit and software solutions, and provide finance, human resources, procurement, and sales and marketing support.

Economic Impact

Originally the site of an assembly and test manufacturing facility, in the last several years, Intel’s presence in Costa Rica has transformed into a state of the art Research and Development Center and a Global Services Center that provide critical services and solutions for the entire corporation.

Intel Costa Rica represents 60% of the country’s research and development exports, and continues to support the country’s climb up the Global Value Chain.1 In addition to the direct and indirect jobs created, Intel’s Costa Rica operations support local industries, and have catalyzed additional foreign direct investments for the country.

Environmental Sustainability

We continually strive to improve our operations and minimize our impact on the environment. Over the last two decades, our integrated waste management practices have increased our solid waste recycling rate; revenue generated from the program is donated to community public schools. We also collaborate with these schools to help them improve their own recycling performance. Sustainable water management is also critical to our operations, and a flow control system allows us to reduce and reuse our water. To reduce our electricity use, we leverage LED technology, solar hot water heaters, and invest in energy conservation projects. Our wellness center, completed in 2011, was Costa Rica’s first LEED certified building.


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Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that in order to shape the future of technology, we must be representative of that future. By bringing together people with a wide range of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, we can continue to innovate and solve the world’s toughest challenges.

In Costa Rica, our focus has been on increasing the female diversity of our own employees, and in working with other organizations, such as the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency, to encourage other companies to do the same. To engage our male employees, we also promote the Men Advocating for Real Change (MARCs) program.

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Social Impact

From investing in education and promoting broad economic development initiatives, to working hand-in-hand with neighbors, Intel has long been committed to applying technology and the talents of our employees to broaden access to opportunity and be an asset to our community. Intel and the Intel Foundation give grants and in-kind donations to Costa Rica schools, universities, and non-profits, and each year 70% of our employees generously donate their time, volunteering more than 20,000 hours in the community. Many of these volunteer hours are matched by the Intel Foundation, generating thousands of dollars to support local social causes.

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A Focus on Stem Education 

Intel Costa Rica promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM ) through volunteering and in-kind donations to help prepare youth for the future of work. Examples of our programs include “Let’s play engineering” (Juguemos a la ingeniería), where our engineers share different types of engineering through games, and “Vocational STEM” (STEM vocacional) sessions where our employees share their personal stories to inspire high school students to pursue engineering careers. These programs reach thousands of people each year.

We also work closely with public and private universities in Costa Rica to help them assess and adapt their curricula to emerging technologies, and to strengthen student employability. Topics include electrical engineering, integrated circuit design, printed circuit board design, data science, soft skills essential to the workforce, and more. In addition, we host multidisciplinary workshops at our Innovation Center to help professors hone their skills and integrate new topics into their courses.

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On-Site Amenities

In addition to our many benefits and programs, employees at our Costa Rica campus have access to many on-site amenities, including health centers, fitness center, sport courts and fields, cafeteria, car wash, banking services and ATM, spa and beauty salon, dry cleaning, nursing rooms, free fruit and beverages, and more.

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