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Building the Supply Chain of the Future

Supply chain responsibility at Intel

Ensuring a Responsible, Resilient, and Reliable Supply Chain

Our multi-tiered supply chain comprises more than 16,000 suppliers in over 100 countries. Suppliers provide direct materials for our production processes, tools and machines for our factories, and logistics and packaging services.

We strive to reduce Intel’s supplier-related environmental and social footprint while maintaining a technologically advanced, cost-effective, resilient, and reliable supply chain. From human rights and worker safety to environmental impact, we look for leadership and collaboration opportunities that will bring about lasting change.

Intel has one of the world’s most complex, technologically advanced supply chains. We hold the many suppliers with whom we do business accountable for operating with the same high standards that we expect of ourselves.

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Assessment and Auditing

Assessments and audits are an integral part of our overall supplier management process. They help us identify compliance gaps where immediate action is needed and root causes that enable development of systemic solutions and improvements.

For additional information, read the Supply Chain section of our Corporate Responsibility Report.

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Environmental Impact

We aim to minimize our environmental impact by collaborating with our suppliers on environmental management issues and integrate sustainable procurement best practices across our global operations.

We set expectations for our “top Tier 1” suppliers on the reporting of greenhouse gas emissions, water, and waste metrics, and on the establishment of reduction goals.1

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Conflict Minerals

Intel has committed considerable time and resources to educating suppliers, smelters, industry partners, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government representatives, and other stakeholders on the subject of conflict minerals.

For more information, visit our Conflict-Free Minerals web page.

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Supplier Diversity

We understand that working with a diverse supply chain brings increased innovation to our business and creates a more responsive and competitive supply base.

For more information, visit our Supplier Diversity web page.

More Information

We are committed to operating with transparency, as this holds us accountable and encourages two-way dialogue with our stakeholders.


Get the whole story

Our Corporate Responsibility Report details the steps we’re taking to ensure a responsible, resilient, and reliable supply chain.

Read our Corporate Responsibility Report ›


Interested in becoming a supplier? Already a supplier?

Visit our supplier website for information on supplier policies, as well as becoming a supplier to Intel.

Governance and ethics

At Intel, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of corporate governance and business ethics.

Find out more ›

Intel Statement on Human Trafficking and Slavery

Intel is committed to respecting human rights throughout our supply chain. 

Read our statement on human trafficking and slavery ›

Intel Statement on Human Trafficking and Slavery

Intel is committed to respecting human rights throughout our supply chain. 

Read our statement on human trafficking and slavery >


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1. “Üst Katman 1” tedarikçileri, harcamalarımıza ve/veya Intel açısından taşıdıkları stratejik önemlere göre aktif şekilde yönetilen en önemli 250 tedarikçimizi ifade eder.