Accelerate Transformation to Industry 4.0 Enabling Smart and Connected Systems in Field, Edge & Cloud

From factory and process automation to energy infrastructure and machine vision systems, industrial products help improve our world. Industrial systems must be safe, reliable, adaptable, and built to last. Intel® FPGAs, with their unique advantages, have enabled many generations of industrial systems and continue to fuel the innovation in Industry 4.0, Edge Compute and evolving Industrial Automation systems.

Intel® FPGA solutions, software, and tools along with other Intel products enable developers of industrial systems from things (Field Devices) to Edge and Cloud to create optimized systems for their industrial needs.


FPGA Use Cases and Demo Videos

Edge Intelligence Demo

Video from SPS 2019 showcasing EXOR's Edge Intelligence Demo with Intel® FPGAs where an edge-automation node performs orchestrations and edge-cloud interface for smart factories. This demo features devices across the Intel portfolio, including Cyclone® V SoC FPGA, Intel Atom® processor, and Intel® Movidius™ VPU.

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Edge Compute for Robot Controls

In TTTech's Edge Compute for robot control demo from SPS 2019, TTTech uses an Intel® FPGA in their Nerve system to connect a robot to a cloud-based management system for real-time workload consolidation and the ability to create and deploy workloads remotely.

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Predictive Maintenance by Flex

Predictive maintenance and intelligent automation by Flex using Intel® FPGA. Watch this customer testimonial to see how Flex is using an FPGA as the brain of their system by creating Xander.

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Accelerating innovation with devices, tools, and IP.


Includes documentation regarding devices, IP Cores, white papers, and reference designs.

Intel® FPGA Design Services

Accelerate your time to market now with the Intel® FPGA turn-key video & vision design services.