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Intel® Firmware Support Package

An easy-to-integrate and scalable firmware solution for developers creating the next-generation of Intel® processor-based systems

Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel® FSP) provides key programming information for initializing Intel® silicon and can be easily integrated into a boot loader of the developer’s choice. It is easy to adopt, scalable to design, reduces time-to-market, and is economical to build.

Intel FSP Components

  • CPU, memory controller, and Intel® chipset initialization functions as a binary package: Provides silicon initialization ingredients, preserves existing features and frameworks, and fits into existing boot loaders
  • Integration guide: Describes the APIs available to communicate with Intel FSP and to integrate it with a boot-loader solution


  • No cost or royalties: Intel FSP helps to reduce bill of materials (BOM) costs
  • Re-usability: Intel FSP can be used as a plug-in component to easily support future-generations of products
  • Greater flexibility: Helps to meet the diverse boot-loader needs of Intel® processor-based systems
  • Reduced boot time: Allows for fast-boot implementations
  • Broader roadmap: Support many products on Intel® IA road map
  • More solutions: Can be integrated with real-time operating system (RTOS) board support packages, hypervisor solutions, and open-source firmware solutions
  • Ecosystem support: Ecosystem available to integrate into value-add boot solutions

Download an Intel Firmware Support Package

Download the Intel® Binary Configuration Tool

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Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel® FSP)

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Video: Training on the Intel® Firmware Support Package Firmware Solutions for the Internet of Things (v.1, June 2014)

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