Until now, you’ve watched sports from the outside looking in. Using cutting-edge cameras, software algorithms, and high performance computing (HPC), Intel® True View and Intel® True VR add new dimensions to viewing the game, transporting you into the stadium and inside the play.1

See It from All Sides with Intel® True View

Analyze the action in 360 degrees or through the eyes of the players. Using Intel high performance computing (HPC), Intel® True View transforms massive amounts of volumetric video data from dozens of 5K cameras into high-fidelity, 3D replays of the biggest moments.

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Intel® True VR Takes You There

Watch, listen, and look around in real time as if you were at the game — no matter where you are. Intel® True VR uses portable stereoscopic camera pods placed near the action and Intel computing power to take your vantage point inside the event.

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How to Get Started

Find out how to watch and get easy access to schedules of games captured with our technologies.

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Our Partners

The world’s top sports leagues are partnering with Intel to deliver more immersive experiences to their fans’ TVs, phones, and other devices.


Check out the most coveted matchups and see every angle of the most amazing plays.


See your favorite MLB teams from the dugout, behind the catcher, or other great locations.


Enjoy amazing VR experiences for the NBA on TNT.


Bringing college athletics to you like never before. Experience March Madness 2019 like you're sitting courtside.


See every side of the play with exciting highlights and recaps. Get into the NFL action.

The Olympic Games

PyeongChang was just the beginning. We’re bringing even more immersive experiences to Tokyo 2020. Intel is proud to be the Official Immersive Technology Partner to The Olympic Games.

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Arsenal FC

Partnership will bring True View to Emirates Stadium and to fans around the world.

Liverpool FC

LFC fans to enjoy an immersive experience during live matches and in highlights.

Manchester City

True View will bring Blues as close to the action on the pitch as the starting eleven.

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Intel in Sports

We’re dedicated to inspiring fans. Our immersive experiences let you watch the highest levels of athleticism in ways you otherwise couldn’t.

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See It in Action

The NFL, NBA, LaLiga, and others are using Intel® technologies, Intel® True View and Intel® True VR, to deliver more interactive and personalized experiences to their fans many devices.

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