Intel® Boxed vs. Tray Processor Warranty Policy


Garanti ve Mal İade İzni



Note Intel provides three-year limited warranty for boxed processors only.

The Intel Warranty Center tool provides boxed Intel® processor warranty information. Tray processors sold by resellers and system manufacturers aren't covered under Intel warranty. Requests for warranty of tray processors are denied.

Contact Intel Customer Support if you aren't sure if you have a boxed processor or tray processor.

If you enter the batch number (FPO) and the serial number (ATPO) for a tray processor, the tool may not correctly identify the unit as a tray processor. Warranty search results aren't always conclusive or final. For warranty eligibility assistance, request support online or by phone.

Exception: Intel provides warranty to a tray processor if it was the part of Intel Data Center Blocks/solutions/systems. For more information, visit Data Center Block Support page.

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