Intel® Graphics Control Panel Fails to Launch after Installing it from the Microsoft® Store





What are you seeing?

After downloading the Intel® Graphics Control Panel from the Microsoft Store and launching it from its location in the Start menu, the application fails to launch (no error messages appear).

Intel® Graphics Control Panel



The Intel® Graphics Settings 'right-click' contextual option seen below is no longer available when using Windows DCH Graphics drivers. You can find and open the Intel® Graphics Control Panel from Windows Start menu. Find more information.

Intel® Graphics Settings

How to fix it.

The following is the most common solution to this issue:

  1. Click on Start > Settings > Apps & Features.
  2. Locate and uninstall the Intel® Graphics Control Panel and Intel® Graphics Driver.
    Apps & features
  3. Restart the computer.
  4. Right-click on the start menu and go to Device Manager.
  5. Click on Display Adapters.
  6. Right-click on the Intel® HD Graphics Adapter and click on Update Driver.
    Note: If no previous driver is found the device appears as Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.
    Update Driver
  7. Click on Search automatically for updated driver software.
    Search automatically for updated driver software
  8. Windows Update will automatically search for, download, and install the latest graphics driver validated for your computer.
  9. If the issue persists, Contact Intel Support.
Why do I see this issue?

Under Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform (UWP), we can see different driver models. In general terms and within the context of this issue they fall under the following principles:

  • Declarative, Componentized (DC) driver: This means that the driver installs using only declarative INF directives and OEM-specific customizations to the driver are separate from the base driver package. The Intel® Graphics Control Panel is still bundled with the package.
  • Declarative, Componentized and Hardware Support Apps (DCH) driver: Same as previous with the exception that the Intel® Graphics Control Panel is no longer bundled with the driver package and needs to be downloaded and installed separately.

You can find more information about DCH and DC drivers from our page, Frequently Asked Questions about Windows* DCH Drivers for Intel® Graphics.

The following scenarios may trigger this issue:
  1. Your computer manufacturer, also referred as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), is pushing and installing DC drivers through Windows Update service. The DC driver overwrites any DCH driver previously installed, though the Intel® Graphics Control Panel application downloaded from the Microsoft Store isn’t removed from the system during the DC driver installation. This allows two instances of the Intel® Graphics Control Panel on the system, which results in neither Control Panel to open.
  2. The issue may also be triggered if you downloaded and installed the Intel® Graphics Control Panel from the Microsoft® Store and the DC drivers were already installed on your computer.

If the above method doesn't work, see the information below:

  • Access to the Microsoft Store may be blocked by your network administrator. If you cannot access the Microsoft Store, contact your network administrator for more information.
  • The Intel® Graphics Control Panel is only available on systems that use Intel® Graphics Controllers with the correct drivers installed.
  • Confirm that your system has the Intel® Graphics Control Panel installed. The Intel® Graphics Control Panel is no longer included in the driver installer package with Windows DCH Graphics drivers. However, after installing DCH drivers, the Intel® Graphics Control Panel should download and install automatically from the Microsoft Store. If it is not automatically installed on your system, refer to these installation instructions. For more information about DCH Graphics drivers, see our FAQ on the subject.
  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) can change how to access the Intel® Graphics Control Panel. If you can't locate Intel® Graphics Settings as an option on your system using the methods outlined above, contact your OEM to determine if they have changed how these options work on your system. Make sure your computer is using an Intel® Graphics Controller and has the latest Intel® Graphics Driver installed before contacting them.
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