Making drone history with Lady Gaga

Making Drone History

Go behind the scenes of this year's Pepsi Zero Sugar* Super Bowl LI Halftime Show to see how we pulled off a history-making drone show. Three hundred Intel drones dazzled viewers with a synchronized light show for Lady Gaga's halftime performance – a first for this kind of event. See how Intel created this amazing experience on the biggest stage in America.

A Big Show for the Big Game

Collaborating with Pepsi and the NFL, our innovative Intel® Shooting Star™ drones light show took flight during the Pepsi Zero Sugar* Super Bowl LI Halftime show. Over 100 million viewers were treated to 300 drones moving through the sky, perfectly choreographed with the amazing performance below.

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The Magic of Disney Meets Intel® Innovation

Intel's cutting-edge technology joined forces with the limitless creativity of Disney to reimagine our drone light show experience. The spectacle invited guests of Disney Springs to look up and make a wish as holiday images painted by Intel® Shooting Star™ drones danced above their heads.1

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How the Magic Is Made

The Disney "Starbright Holiday Show – An Intel Collaboration" was the longest light show we've achieved, requiring 300 drones to be airborne for twelve minutes. A stunning way to bring Disney's brand to life, the 8-week engagement required technology that could illuminate the skies flawlessly every night.  

Setting a Spectacular Record

Our purpose-built light show system – the Intel® Shooting Star™ drone fleet1 – set the Guinness World Record in 2016 for the Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously. Only a single laptop and one pilot were needed to achieve lift-off for 500 beautifully choreographed drones.

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Orchestra in the Sky

Drone 100 made its public debut during Vivid Sydney, as 100 illuminated drones performed a choreographed routine over the harbor – all while accompanied by the breathtaking sounds of the Sydney Youth Orchestra.2

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Clearance to Fly

It took an exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to bring the successful Drone 100 light show to America, where 100 Intel drones lit up the sky above Palm Springs, California.

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Türünün ilk örneği olan Intel® Shooting Star™ drone'u, tüm FCC teknik özelliklerini karşılaşmaktadır, ancak henüz Federal İletişim Komisyonu'nun kuralları uyarınca onaylanmamıştır. Bu cihaz, onay alınana kadar satılık veya kiralık olarak sunulamaz ya da satılamaz veya kiralanamaz.


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